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It made me laughed so much when David posted this picture for me. It reminded him what I always do every time I see FOOD. XD

Sometimes, I CAN’T help to think:

He’s already HAPPY with his life cuz he already left me.

While me on the other hand:

Still struggling to make myself happy cuz he already left me.

Evangelical Church.

It has been so many years since I last went to Church.

Now I’m back, I’m really glad that I did because I’ve been wanting to meet a lot of different people. Listen to Bible Study. Join the Fellowship and so on. I didn’t expect that MANY people around my age are attending Church and Bible Class so I’m kinda excited to go in Friday lol. xD

I have a feeling, it will be a very good experience because I found which Church I belong with. Also, I’ll get to know more about God. About my existence and everything. Also, I may meet new friends in there. xD 

Piloted Accounts in LoL PH

Somewhat, I feel bad for those players especially in PH who asks their friends to pilot their account just to reach Gold and Platinum WITHOUT learning the true mechanics of the game. Shortcut to Victory? It’s like you ask your friend to do your assignment for you while on the other hand, you’re not learning anything cuz you’re not the one who did it.

I do not really respect those types of players. Why? They do not deserve that Division after all, alot of Bronze players who are decent, they are trying many ways to improve so they can climb up the ladder. That is hard work I say. They have the right to brag it. 

You do not have the right to brag when its NOT YOU who plays the account. Be ashamed of yourself.

The Great Wall of China.
"There’s no greater power to live than To Love and Be Loved."
"In a Relationship: It is very important that you do NOT LIE nor CHEAT on them cuz in the end, no matter how much you try to get back with them. They won’t come back. The TRUST is already gone."

Esos Recuerdos Que Tuvimos - Those Memories We Had.

How do I construct this words more simply?

How do I explain it to you?

These feelings that I feel wants to burst.

I’m so afraid to show it.

In any language, I want you in my life.

I love you, simple. 

You smile, I blush.

You pinch my cheek, I hit you softly.

We are so silly that we’re like clowns.

You show it to me by action what is Love.

I express it by words how much I adore you.

Two different worlds, personality.

Yet, we still get along.

You smile, I blush

I hold your hand, You look in my eyes.

There I find peace, staring into your eyes.

I already knew I will fall for you.

I have no regrets.

"Te quiero" 

At first, I was dumbfounded.

You laugh, I pout.

Then we kissed.

That’s the start of a beautiful love story.

Have no fears and doubts.

I find it hard for me to feel that.

Yet you still show me how to.

I’ll never forget those.

The kindness of your soul.

The warmth of your love.

The passion that you show me.

In simplicity, that’s Love.

My heart, Your heart

It beats differently.

Yet you manage to heal my heart.

For the peace of my mind, you promise that you belong to me.

Your body and your soul.

I gently touch you, gently hold you against me.

You are so warm, I love it.

Passion surrounds us.

I never regret that.

The world where I can only be with you.

Hear your voice.

Feel safe in your arms.

I only want that.

Still, life permits us to be together.

You blush, I smile.

I want to be full of you.

In other words, let me be yours.

Make me yours.

You gently hold me against yours.

I blush, You smile.

I have no regrets.

This love I have for you.

This love I feel for you.

It is too good.

If I were to lose my life.

I wouldn’t regret meeting you.

I love you.


Fate seperated us together.

I cry, You thought it is for my sake.

Life may permit us to be together.

Nothing will stop me from loving you.


I know, it will take time for me to get over you..